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We understand the reliance kitchens have on their exhaust fans. The sudden failure of fans can have a substantial impact on the operations of the kitchen, frequently resulting in closure of the area until the exhaust problem can be rectified. If the failure occurs on a weekend or during service time this can escalate for the business.

Exhaust fans draw grease-laden vapors through the exhaust system and out of the cooking facility. Is typically mounted on the roof but can also be found mounted on the side of the building or in the ductwork. Grease can clog up your fan blades, slowing down the air flow in your kitchen. If the fan is not cleaned periodically than you are not getting the fans full effect. Failure to carry out adequate cleaning to your kitchens and extraction systems can result in insurance claims becoming void. All our service work is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards; as 1851.6-1997 and is governed by OH&S regulations. .