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Over time, a build up of grease and dirt in the air will accumulate in your kitchen machinery, especially in your ducts and fans. Not even the most   efficient extraction filter, let alone a standard cleaning regime, will save you from all kinds of health threatening organisms or the amount of grease   and other flammable substances that are absolutely buttressing in your kitchen.

In no time at all, your kitchen will become a bio and fire hazard that will probably not comply with your insurance contract, and eventually, it will cause that major fire that will bring your business down.

No matter how small or large your business is, I'm sure you will agree that it is still worth protecting from a hazardous kitchen and eventually, a fire. All ABC FILTERS work are carried out to comply with the most stringent insurance requirements and Australian Standards 1851.6 - 1997 Keep your business safe, sound and sterile by contacting us NOW on 0419 988 772, info@abcfilters.com.au or Here