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Our kitchen duct work cleaning services looks at the duct system from the point of entry via the canopy. Before and after cleaning photographs are taken of the duct. As one of the leading experts in duct work cleaning this service is designed to significantly reduce the grease and carbonization associated with ducting systems from the point of entry to atmosphere. Each kitchen duct work cleaning treatment will reduce the hazards of flash fire and enhance the extract flow of air.

It should be noted that insurance companies now stipulate as part of the building insurance terms the requirement for duct working to be cleaned on a frequent basis (normally once or twice per annum). They remain the driving force in ensuring that the cleaning is carried out. one has to do it Kitchen duct cleaning is not only difficult and unpleasant it is now also very necessary to comply with reams of legislation such as fire risk.

All our service work is carried out in accordance with Australian Standards; as 1851.6-1997 and is governed by OH&S regulations.