Q: Why shouldn’t I just use my staff to clean?


 A: Our staff is professionally trained to handle 

these tasks; the comparison of quality is 

second to none but most importantly, all

work carried out by ABC Filters comply

with the Australian Standards 1851.6-1997


Q: Why should I have a scheduled

maintenance plan?


A:Grease is a main cause of fires;

imagine not having to worry about

clean/unclean exhaust systems and

fires. Also we schedule to your

environmental needs, to benefit

your time and money.


Q: What else do I need to know?


A: ABC Filters is environmentally

friendly, water used by ABC Filters is

recycled, protecting the environment

from tossed water with harmful

chemicals, also saving water for the

peoples everyday use.


Q: How can we contact ABC Filters?


A:Easy, Call 0419 988 772 or email us now

at info@abcfilters.com.au